Dr. Martin Luther King is one of my heros.  With a similar love for others, and a desire to use my skills & craft to empower and encourage those around me near and far Humandytarian began. It all started when I was a kid and gave my bagged lunch out the car window to a homeless man.  During my undergraduate years at Flagler College, I would lead "art therapy" with the kids at the Youth Crisis Center.  While in NC it came as an artist contributing yearly to the Doors of Asheville which supported public housing for low income city residents.  Most recently it has been through an identification with my fellow men, woman & children fleeting the hands of ISIS.  You can read more about the "Love Cups" and other projects that have provided support to Preemptive Love Coalition here.

Prints have become a way to express my heart and raise funds for these organizations that are on the ground standing in the gap for thing that matter greatly to me. This is my way of not just speaking to a cause but springing into action myself. The Flamingo print was run on a limited basis after our small town endured yet another hurricane, there were many needs after Irma came thru and the artist signed print helped to raise funds and give directly back to the STA FLA community. I created a limited run of the “Yearning to breath Free” Illustration for the benefit of the Non-Profit Safe Passage in 2018. The most current Humandytarian image ‘Brothers and Sisters : Rosaries taken at the Boarder” is a Limited Edition Print for July of 2019 with 100% of the profits going to Together Rising.