Mandy Sue

mother, innovator, photographer, painter, educator, advocate, gardener, leader, cooker, upholsterer, refinisher, designer & lover of all people.

A true artist work looks unlike anyone else's because it is born from a place where only its author can find it.  I am one woman with many great loves and a heart that beats out of my chest.  I give care and consideration to all I do and hope that my work changes the lives that it graces by the integrity with which it is made. I believe in community and encouraging one another.  I uphold the values of hard work and know that a strong body of work takes time, care and lots of trial and error.  My desire is to move you with the unique story of each piece.  These current collections have taken a lifetime to come together.

Art Education: Life, Apprentice of Ian & Jo Lydia Craven, Flagler College, Penland School of Crafts, SMFA/TUFTS

All work is registered online with the US Copyright office. This includes original design, illustrations, painting and trademarks of my work. Work is registered before its release.

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