Mission //

intentional, one of a kind quality goods that are handmade in every aspect. 



A love for telling stories through illustration that resonate and speak to those who find and relate to them.  A hope that each time you use and see this work it evokes a positive reminder for the day.  A life and work that is slow and purposeful, generous and encouraging to those who cross my path.  Sharing my story and experience in hope of inspiring others to find their purpose and passion.  Using my voice to inspire change and educate both in my craft and everyday. 


Transparency //

Everyone, everyday is the goal for my wares and while it is difficult to achieve because of the details and work that goes in, it remains a priority.  Work is priced according to the materials used, the number of times it passes through my hands for refinement, the complexity in the artwork and the number of firings.  each work has different factors that come into play. Gold Luster is an accent that is tedious & expensive.  Work takes approximately 4-8 weeks to make depending on the current workload. 


the BUSINESS of ART //

A fine arts major with a business minor, that was me.  I have always felt that if i could make beautiful works of art and not write a contract or negotiate a deal, what good was it?  i did not want someone speaking for me, i wanted to have my own work represented by my voice and drive.  Here at the studio i pride myself in "the business of art" where I  take negotiations and contracts as seriously as I do the hand of my craft.  



our studio is located in Historic lincolnvile, STA FLA