the STORY // why me

Not all ceramics are created equal.  With "makerism" on the rise be careful about selecting the best goods to fit your needs.  There is a learning curve in everything and it has taken me the last ten years to hone my hand built wares, and though i hope to always be learning, I hold myself to an extremely high standard and my work and daily life speak to that. My hope is that by purchasing and living with my work in your home it will truly carry a different tune to the other items you have collected.  That its usefulness and the passion with which it is made will truly set it apart.  When you support my work you support an artist who supports others.  A mom at home schooling her children, a woman supporting other women, and the passion driven people of her community.  It would be hard to find someone who lives what she admires as much as I do.  It is my hope that all these qualities translate thru the work of my hands & your experience with my studio.  I personally make, photograph, style and edit all the work you see here.  One woman living out her gifts, and wearing many hats.  i am thankful for and loving every moment of it.


the MATERIAL // porcelain & painting

The beautiful beast, as I like to call it.  Beautiful in its nature and strong at its core, my wares are designed to be muti-taskers from the oven straight to serving on your table or from a ring dish to tapas dish. Porcelain is by far best for everyday, with so many parts per square inch its strength is often overlooked by the "china" reputation that precedes it. This material is also a perfectionist at conducting heat & cold.  When it comes to making functional pots porcelain is the only choice for me: lightweight, functional, strong, efficient and absolutely breathtaking!

You will find no tracing paper or decal work here just images that come straight from the heart and the artist mind.  Each illustration begins with a freehand sketch the design is unique and original.  Some works get carved back using a traditional sgraffito method which is tedious and very involved.  Other works are derived from and given a porcelain take on majolica, starting with layers of underpainting and building up to the surface which has a final finishing glaze.  The heart of my illustrations come from the treasures and admirations of my life and love of history.  Every work has a story and i love hearing your stories of what works speak to you and why. 


BACKGROUND // photography, painting, educator, advocacy, styling, leadership, design & love of all people 

EDUCATION // life, Ian & Jo Lydia Craven (potters), Flagler College, Penland School or Crafts, SMFA/TUFTS

WORK // Ashville Arts Museum, the Doors of Ashville (art Auction),  Art Education from primary to college, owner of Firebrick Studio, Studio Artist